Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why does she feel the need???

Piper has gotten into this bad habit.  I pretty much cannot leave her in the car without being supervised...not even for 5 min!  She feels the need to grab whatever she can and shred it to pieces.

We were in Calgary this past weekend for an agility trial.  It was Training Troop's Halloween Howler and we had Crayola crayon costumes to enter the costume contest on the Saturday.  (btw we didn't win).   So we packed up the costumes, put them back in the plastic bag and threw them back in the vehicle.  I'm debating whether to keep the costumes, or to sell them.

 Saturday evening, we quickly went to pick up food for supper.  We were not even gone for 10 min.  We found the plastic bag ripped to shreds and the packages with the costumes in several different pieces. Luckily she didn't wreck the costumes.  They were still in tact!  I'm surprised because most of the costumes are made out of foam.

This year, Piper has wrecked two of my sister-in-law, Roberta's agility bags and several food containers.  Last year Piper wrecked two of Roberta's purses.  Sigh....

On a positive note, we had a good weekend.  We q'd 4/6 runs and probably had our best Standard run ever.  Of course we didn't bring out the video camera for that.  So instead, here's a pic of us as a pack of crayons.

I had to pull Keeper from the trial and she stayed home.  However, Shauna had offered to take Keeper to a Halloween party at Paws on the Run.  They were our missing Crayons from our pack of crayons.

 I want to thank Shauna for taking my crazy one.  I know she had fun!  Also want to thank Wendy for letting Keeper join the festivities, and Amanda for helping Shauna out handling the two dogs.  :)

Happy Halloween!!!!!

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  1. Piper is naughty, that's why. No further explanation is needed. ;)

    And too bad you didn't win!!! Great costume ideas!