Thursday, December 4, 2014

Begging For Forgiveness?

This is what I think Piper would have said to me on the way home from class tonight if she was able to talk:

"You were so nice to me today, Mom!  You took me to class today and I don't normally go to a Thursday class so I had so much fun!  You also have amazing friends and they donated food to you for the food bank and you collected a box filled with all sorts of great things to feed the hungry.  Speaking of hungry, that package of ichiban noodles looked so good.  I think True's Mom had brought this today.  I hadn't tried ichiban ever!  I was wondering how it would taste.  I didn't think we'd be home anytime soon and I was due for supper.  I know there are hungry people in the world but I was sooo hungry so I didn't think a package of ichiban would matter.   Plus I'm sure you have one in the cupboard to replace I just grabbed one out of the box and ate the whole package.   Yummy!!  But I'm sorry?  ~not!"